Welcome to KAM College of Health Sciences

Welcome  to KAM College of Health Science  website !KAM College of Health and Sciences is a self-styled designed high learning institution of its own caliber, it offers practical entrepreneurship styled courses, organized to meet the dynamic scientific development in the Country particularly creating self employment job creation, professionally qualified personnel for the enhancement of quality industrial products to make Tanzania a quality manufacturing country and exploit the East African Community Cooperation maximally.

KAM college of Health Science has deployed highly motivated and professionally qualified lecturers in every and each discipline, Moreover, KAM is committed to the continuing professional development (CPD) of all staffs. We have a clear expectations, team spirit work highly encouraged.  We provide all support and training to ensure that management responsibilities are discharged proportionately across the institution, and that all staffs are well supported.


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24 Responses to Welcome to KAM College of Health Sciences

  1. Michael Raphael says:

    Kam its real a college own its own thank kandole musika we enjoy alot


    thank KAM for good things you are doing in this nation.I suggest to continue your program of increasing other fields like nursing , dental etc.
    lastly i would like to know for those who under qualification to join lets say Diploma but they did better for the certificate and you see are capable to join Diploma directly how would you do for them

    • Kamcollege says:

      Thank you for your comments,on answering your question you are allowed the diploma course after you have completed NTA level 5 certificate.

  3. nessa says:

    What’s the long form term of KAM college

  4. jeraldo paulino says:

    With B in physics,C in biology,D in chemistry,B in mathematics and C in english can i get a chance of taking clinical medicine?

  5. pendo macha says:

    Ada ya mwaka apo kwa assintal labotary

  6. Vp kwa walo tuma maombi wizara ya afya tukichaguliwa tutajuaje

    • Kamcollege says:

      Unaweza kujulishwa kwa namba ya simu uliotumia ku-apply chuo, Au kwa account ya e-mail uliopewa na wizara wakati wa ku-apply chuo.

  7. Vp tuloomba kupitia wizara ya afya

  8. ASANTENI sana kwakukubali maombi yangu ya kujiunga katika Chuo chenu

  9. Phinias says:

    how to apply upgrade of NTA LEVEL 6 I HAVE NTA LEVEL 5 IN MEDICAL LABORATORY

  10. Phinias says:

    have certificate of medical laboratory with 3.1 gpa I want to upgrade how can I do?

    • Kamcollege says:

      Fika chuoni KAM COLLEGE kimara korogwe Dar Es Salaam utapata maelekezo mazuri kwa msaada zaidi, au download application form kwenye website utaweza kuona vigezo na mahitaji mengine ya jinsi ya kujiunga na chuo.karibu sana.

  11. charles gitano says:

    selection zinatoka lini na masomo yanaanza lini??

  12. naomba kujiunga na chuo chako nimtiifu na nitafanya kazo za apo chuoni nakushilikiana na wenzangu. BIOS(C)CHEM(D MATH C

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